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With smooth, understated vocals, Lacey Canfield's voice has been described as "the musical equivalent to being wrapped in a warm blanket." She exhibits a nuance and subtlety in her singing that captivates her listeners, and rises above her sparse and ethereal arrangements. Fans of John Mayer and Colbie Caillat will feel right at home with Canfield's cozy style and absorbing sound.

Growing up in Maple Grove, Minnesota, Canfield was exposed to an eclectic collection of musical styles, but she credits her grandparents with an early love of jazz, R&B, Blues, and soul. When she moved to Nashville in 2012, Canfield followed the path she thought all Nashville artists followed and pursued a career in Country Music. Contributing to the expectation of her being a country singer was the fact that, since a very young age, Canfield rode and trained horses, studying horse psychology and giving riding lessons. In 2015, she released her first Pop/Country album, titled Oh Tennessee, and despite critics and fans giving the project a lot of praise, Canfield just didn’t feel at home in the style. In a recent interview, Canfield stated, “I realized I was a country girl, just not a country singer.”

Canfield took the next four years to hone her sound and return to her roots of Pop and Soul music. In April, 2019 she released her first single since Oh Tennessee. The song, titled Dreaming in Color, is the title track from her upcoming EP, to be released in May, 2019. Fans will notice a decisive shift in the style and mood of this new music, which clearly reflects how much Canfield has matured, both personally and artistically, over the last four years. Dreaming in Color is the perfect introduction to Canfield's revamped style, and after hearing just the first few warm, airy notes from her richly nuanced voice, it is clear, artistically, that she is finally home.





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